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Top FAQ's

Here are answers to some of the top FAQs to help you get started with our services. Review our top FAQs below to get the information you need to recover your laptop, computer, or printer to a proper operating condition.

We offer repair and maintenance services for all brands of printers, copiers, laptops, and computers at nominal charges. Our trained technicians are equipped with the latest technologies and expertise in fixing all complex issues about your device.

No. We are not authorized by any of the brands. We prefer to repair only out-of-warranty devices including laptops, computers, and printers. If your device is still under warranty, we recommend you to visit an authorized service center.

We are the leading service provider across the US for any device repair and maintenance. We have been dealing in this industry for the last 7 years successfully. We offer a fast, reliable, and efficient repair service for all brands of printers, computers, and laptops that too in the nominal service fee in the industry.

Yes, we provide a warranty for all our repairs performed by our company except for any other unrelated flaws that may emerge within the seven days following the original repair, and physical/liquid damage. We also provide a warranty for the original parts supplied during device repair.

Typically, it takes us 3 to 5 working days to fix all devices. We pride ourselves on our quick repair turnaround.

Any repairs not done by the manufacturer will void your warranty. Therefore, we strongly advise you to verify the appropriate papers with you for warranty information.

It is not essential, but we strongly advise always backing up your data before sending your laptop away for repair.

Yes, before starting the repair, we automatically perform a thorough inspection of your laptop and keep you informed of any additional defects discovered.

Yes, we provide our IT support and repair services for small and medium-sized businesses. Our premium services include system backups and general computer maintenance, and more.

Yes. Our technicians are fully qualified to repair Desktops, laptops, and all Apple iMac products. We have more than 40% of customers who use Mac devices, and we can fix, repair, or upgrade all Apple computers and Laptops and install all associated accessories.

Top Technical Problem FAQ's

If you require a printer service from our company you can arrange a service for your product by using our Repair Service Center Online Portal, where you will be guided through the process of raising your request./p>

The dirty scanner, low-toner cartridge, or worn transfer roller may be the culprits for light prints. Repair Service Center recommends replacing the toner cartridge first. And if the issue remains unresolved, call immediately for a service tech to fix and find the faulty part.

Worn rollers or a worn fuser assembly could cause wrinkled pages. Approaching for a technician to replace the worn-out part is the best way to get rid of this issue instantly. Wrinkled pages can also be the result of using damp paper that sits in the machine or on a shelf too long and absorb moisture.

We advise taking the paper out of the printer by following the paper's natural exit route. The printer's sensors, which can only move in one direction, could break if you pull the sheet in the opposite direction.

The printer uses error codes to let you know what's wrong with it. Call us with the error code that your printer is showing, and we'll explain what it means and determine what repair is required.

Either the toner cartridge or the fuser assembly can be the source of blurry prints. They can also be brought on by damp paper or by utilizing paper settings that aren't appropriate for the paper you're using. Before changing the toner cartridge, we advise verifying your paper and settings. If neither of those resolves the issue, contact us so we may examine the fuser assembly and, if required, replace it.

Repair Service Center offers on-demand printer repair services for all printer brands to fix any printer problem instantly. The services offered by Repair Service Center include printer repair service, printer installation help, and printer troubleshooting.

We advised you to go to the authorized service center to fix the printer problems if your printer is under warranty. If the printer is out of warranty, you can get the printer repaired using Repair Service Center. Our experienced printer service technicians are trained to identify any printer culprits quickly and efficiently fix them within the promised turnaround time.

We provide affordable and reliable printer repair services for almost all popular brands including HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Kodak, Xerox, Compaq, Fujitsu, Ricoh, Toshiba, Dell, and many others. If you want to learn more about which printer brands we are offering our dedicated repair services, please visit our website https://www.repair-service-center.com/.

Yes, you can book a repair service for your HP printer. Before making the appropriate recommendation, our experienced engineers will investigate your HP printer to determine the root of the problem.

As every printer makes and models are unique and have its own set of issues, it is difficult to answer this question. Repair Service Center charges a very nominal service fee from its customers that goes towards paying our technician’s fee and maintaining our center. If you want more accurate estimates, you should call at Repair Service Center and request to quote an estimate. We'll do our best to give you our best estimations of how much it will cost to fix your specific printer.

Yes. All of our technicians working at Repair Service Center are experienced in fixing printers. Our technicians have the skills necessary to fix a wide range of printer models, manufacturers, and brands.